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Lakewood provides programming opportunities for people of all ages.

Do you have a great event idea that would benefit and engage Lakewood? Do you enjoy planning an event or program that would be rewarding for both yourself and your neighbors? Need support to put your plan or event into action? Plan an event today with the support of the Lakewood Community League!

Questions to consider in preparing your pitch…….

  What is the benefit to the community? Is there a specific impact?
  Does it solve a problem?
  Does it meet a need?
  What is the demographic? Are there restrictions?
  What are the resources required?
  Is it a one time or revolving event?
  How many volunteers are needed?
  What will it cost?
  Do you need special licensing? Insurance?
  What are your overall available resources?
  How is attendance motivated?
  How do we communicate/advertise the event?
  How will the success of this idea/event be measured?


We would love to hear your ideas!

If you have a  programming idea or would like to get involved in a program or in creating a new program, please get in touch with us at our Contact Us page!