Community Garden


Number of Plots: 65

Plot Sizes: Approximately 6 Feet x 10 Feet

If you have any questions please call 780-461-3902 or email:     


A Word From Your President!

Our Community Garden enhances our neighborhood in many ways.

While we grow healthy foods, what we may not always think about while we care for the soil, is that we are giving back to Mother Nature what she so selflessly gives to us.

Also, as we garden, we meet our neighbors and form partnership as we share this communal space.  Most interestingly, we get to know other members, we learn about their cultures, their customs and thus enhance our own appreciation for who we are and what we share among us.

Most importantly, as we garden, we get one of the best forms of exercise that stimulate all parts of our mind and body.  Gardening allows us to use all our senses to do what many of us take as just a hobby.

Gardening gives us an opportunity to share Love, Gratitude, Kindness and Appreciation as we Grow Together.

At Lakewood Community Garden, our focus is by community togetherness we can continue to enhance our community and our larger society.  We are only as strong as we let ourselves be.

Through our STRENGTS Foundation approach, we are Stronger Through Responsibly Engaging Neighbors, Growing Together Healthy Societies. 

Enquiries are welcome.   Please email us at