Welcome to Lakewood Community League

At the heart of Newton Community League is our facility located at 260 Lakewood Road East NW. On the grounds are a hall with a capacity of 125, a playground and basketball courts. Lakewood Community Hall features a commercial kitchen, washrooms, covered deck and is wheelchair accessible.

Our hall is now available for bookings. To do so, please contact the Hall Rentals Coordinator @ 780-240-0129. For more information please click https://www.lakewoodcommunityleague.ca/the-facility/ 

Lakewood Community League is located in the residential area of Millwoods in the southeast of Edmonton and contains the vibrant, multicultural communities of Tipaskan, Kameyosek and Meyonohk, bounded by 34th Avenue on the North, 66th Street on the East, 23rd Avenue on the South and 91st Street on the West.

From its start Lakewood was an active member of the community of Mill woods. It contributed to the creation of the Mill Woods Cultural and Recreational Facility Association (MCARFA). It also worked diligently to establish its own infrastructure. On January 26, 1982, it opened its first hall, which included the Mill Woods Child Development Center.

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